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Tervetuloa Sammakkomiehen verkkokauppaan

Cressi Leonardo

Leonardo is the first dive computer designed and built entirely by Cressi
An elegant expression of simple, functional design, the Leonardo is a must-have for divers entering the sport and those who “just want to dive.”
A single button interface makes it effortless to program Air, Nitrox..
Hinta: 198.00 €219.00 €

Open Water Diver DVD, Suomi, Ruotsi, Englanti

Peruskurssin koulutusvideo
PADI Open Water Diver -kurssin opetusvideo. Laitesukelluksen peruskurssin opetusvideo
Hinta: 5.00 €

Cressi Skorpion, sukelluspuukko

SKORPION is a modern knife with a state-of-the-art design and medium dimensions, with a durable blade of AISI 304 tempered steel, with one smooth edged blade and the other side serrated with a rope cutter included. The handle has an anatomical shape and is composed of “soft grip” material..
Hinta: 55.00 €

Drysuit Bottle Mounting Kit

Quickly add a streamlined drysuit inflation bottle to any rig.
Diving in a drysuit requires an inflation system. Adding air to a drysuit keeps it from crushing your body as you descend. Mounting an additional cylinder to your diving rig so that it’s accessible and in a streamlined position requires..
Hinta: 30.00 €

Marea Mask, Cressi

Designed for adult divers, the Marea mask gives an exceptionally wide field of view. Ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.
The Marea has separate lenses, a skirt edge that adapts to most faces and a small inner volume, perfect for scuba divers, even snorkelers. The lenses are made in tempered glass..
Hinta: 28.00 €

Cressi big Eyes Black

The mask that completely revolutionised the sector because it introduced new and exclusive principles that are likewise milestones.
For the first time in the world, the lenses are not parallel to the face but are raked and shaped like an “inverted drop”, with a very unusual development..
Hinta: 48.00 €

Cressi Quartz. BCD, Tasapainotusliivi

The Quartz is a full vest inflation developed for scuba diving schools and as equipment for the Rental Centers. It is made of 500 Cordura® Denier ideal for intense use and to resist to scratches and cuts. As all the gamma of Cressi B.C.D.s, it features the Integrated Flat-Lock Weight System that makes..
Hinta: 395.00 €

Välisilta sulkuventtiilillä S.O.S

Välisilta sulkuventtiilillä tupla 10L ja Tupla 12L säiliöihin.  Ei sovellu possupulloihin.
Central control valve for tanks diam. 171 mm to usse with valves codes 10071 and 10072 to obtain a manifold for double tanks with a separation valve
Hinta: 50.00 €

Cressi Superocchio, Uppopallo- ja vapaasukellusmaski

Uppopallo ja snorklausmaski Yksi maailman myydyimmistä maskeista. Reunat pehmeää silikonia. Tämä maski sopii  junioreille ja aikuisille.

A grand classic in Cressi mask production, which continues to find favour with enthusiasts, even though it has been around for years now.
The mask is small, has..
Hinta: 45.00 €


Kevyt, miellyttävä manuaalipaukkuliivi 170 N nosteella.

Ursuit Comfort Pro manuaalipaukkuliivi 170 N on Kevyt ja miellyttävä paukkuliivi 170 N nosteella.
Materiaali on punainen Cordura ja heijastimet kiertävät koko liivin.
Liivissä on YKK QuickBurst™ -vetoketju, jossa suljettu..
Hinta: 173.00 €

Turvapoiju puhallettava. 110cm

Turvallisuusväline. Safetysausage. Kädessä pidettävä. puhallettava.
Kätevä apuväline pinnalla veneilijöiden huomionherättämiseen, mikäli joutuu pintaantumaan esim. veneväylällä
Hinta: 25.00 €

Hid 10W polttimo

10W Hid polttimo. Sopii useimpiin Hid valaisimiin
Hinta: 50.00 €

Ursuit T-paita. Cave Diving

Ursuit -Cave diving kuva rinnassa. Muuten musta väriltään
Hinta: 25.00 €

Sukelluslamppu Ferei SHARK, 10 000 Lumen

Ferei Shark on huipputehoks, vaativaan ammattikäyttöön suunniteltu sukellusvalaisin. Valaisin on varustettu kolmella nykyaikaisella CREE XHP70-LEDillä, jotka tarjoavat valmistajan ilmoittaman jopa 10 000 lumenin huiput, sekä yli 800 metrin kantaman. Paksusta alumiinista valettu runko sekä valaisin- että..
Hinta: 529.00 €

EPDM Hose Retainers

1 kpl 10€.  

The Dive Rite EPDM Hose Retainers are a must have for any stage, deco, or sidemount bottle rigging. Using the proven durability of EPDM rubber, these 1" wide hose retainers will withstand the test of time and diving environments with their resistance to temperature, salt, chlorine..
Hinta: 10.00 €


Pintapalastajan köysipussi kelluvalla 90 m köydellä. Köydessä heijastimet.
Köydessä sakkeli kiinnitystä varten
Hinta: 390.00 €

Dive Rite 125 Black

Maskiin on saatavilla optisia linssejä -1 - -8
The 130 Double Lens Mask is a low volume, low profile mask that provides and excellent range of vision. The split lens design allows the frame to sit low on the face, and is sealed by a soft, premium quality double seal silicone skirt. Textured..
Hinta: 50.00 €


• This protective t-shirt is made from special, stretchy material • It offers excellent protection from the sun, wind and low temperatures either in the water or when dry • Flat-lock stitching for comfort and durability • Ideal for diving, snorkeling, surfing..
Hinta: 28.00 €

Mask Pocket, Maskitasku

The Utility Pocket is designed to fit masks, handheld lights and spools, yet it's expandable design means a low profile pocket that isn't bulky. At 10 inches x 3.75-inches, it expands to 3.5 inches deep when carrying larger items. A hook-and-loop closure keeps items secure while mesh front and sides..
Hinta: 25.00 €

Lenhandt&Wagner 100 B Honda 4hp

Paineilmakompressori, Bensiini
LW 100 B
The gasoline-powered LW 100 B is a particularly lightweight and reliable air compressor. It's a very low maintenance compressor and ideal for mobile use. Due to the seawater resistant stainless steel frame and the painted block it is very popular in seawater environments..
Hinta: 3 844.00 €

Cressi STANDARD BAND S45 18mm

Powerful and reactive slings of 18 mm diameter.  Can change the originals provided with the Geronimo or Comanche guns.

Cressi Morea Man Märkäpuku 3mm

The Morea is a 3 mm neoprene one-piece without a hood, sporting long sleeves and pants, perfect for light SCUBA diving in warm waters, snorkeling, swimming, tropical seas and for any aquatic sport.
Assembled using flat sewing with anti-fraying thread.
The new pattern, modest and elegant at the same..
Hinta: 140.00 €184.00 €


This short-sleeved protective t-shirt is made from special, stretchy material. It offers excellent protection from the sun, wind and low temperatures either in the water or when dry.  Available in colours black
SPF 40
Version Man / Lady
Hinta: 33.00 €42.00 €

Cressi Coral Jr

Wrap shoes for Boys, perfect for swimming, boat, beach, etc. The sole is made of durable plastic and flexible, neoprene upper and breathable mesh elastic material.  Blue / white Size: 24 to 35
Hinta: 10.00 €15.00 €


Stainless steel 3  prongs, based on nylon threaded
Hinta: 10.00 €

Sukelluslamppu Ferei W180, 5636 lm

Erittäin tehokas, 5636 lumenin valoteholla varustettu sukelluslamppu, josta löytyy sekä kapea hakuvalokeila että laajasti lähialueen valaiseva leveä keila.
Soveltuu viranomaisten vedenalaisiin hakutehtäviin, kalastukseen ja merenelämän tutkimiseen. Kestää syvyyttä jopa 150 metriin, IP68-luokitus...
Hinta: 369.00 €

Cressi Start Scuba Set Laitepaketti

Sukelluslaitepaketti sisältää:

Start B.C.D. Tasapainotusliivi
1st Stage AC2, Paineenalentaja 200/300 bar
2nd Stage Compact, Annostaja
Octopus Compact, Vara-annostaja
Pressure Gauge, Painemittari

Hinta: 660.00 €

Sioux Rubber Gun, Harppuuna

A tried and tested efficient speargun,
Sioux’s strong points are its reliability, ease of handling, excellent materials and great value for money.
The shaft is made of a light, non-deformable anticorodal aluminum.
The handle is angled specifically to ensure perfect quick performance for instinctive..
Hinta: 70.00 € - 85.00 €