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Cressi Diver Woman 5mm, Märkäpuku naisille kylmiin vesiin

Suosituin märkäpuku Suomessa sukeltamiseen. Erittäin joustavaa materiaalia, Mukava ja helppo pukea päälle.

Lämmin yksiosainen puku, joka on riittävän lämmin koko avovesikaudelle

This is probably the most diffused one-piece suit among diving centers, because of its valued resistance, watertightness and placement facility. Its wide pattern makes it a perfect suit for diving centers. Diver is a one-piece suit of 5mm with incorporated hood and frontal zip.


  • Frontal zip with flat watertight system + flat Acquastop©. It limits the water flow at this delicate point.
  • Cut cuffs finishes, searching the maximum simplicity and elasticity for greater robustness in diving centers usage.
  • Reinforced zip on the ankles with staff to facilitate the placement and removal of the suit.
  • Powertex© elastic reinforcements on knees and buttocks.
  • All zips are YKK© 8 pitch with reinforced cursor handle in stainless steel for greater resistance. Safety blocking system.
  • Double quick dry nylon fabric especially elastic.

Personalized logos “Diving” with transfer on the sleeve that allows the numeration or name insertion at the diving center. The suit’s size is very visible.

kokotaulukko:  https://www.cressithai.com/pages/size-charts

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valmistuttajan tuotesivu: https://www.cressi.com/catalogue/cressitech.asp?categoriaCOD=072&SchedaID=31&act=1&new=0&img=31_diver_man4.jpg
Kokotaulukko: https://www.cressithai.com/pages/size-charts