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URSUIT DESCEND BCD, tasapainotusliivi

In the Ursuit Descent jacket BCD made of durable materials, you will find everything you expect from a high-end jacket BCD. Well-padded sturdy backrest, integrated weight pockets, trim pockets, multiply D-rings for attachments, a universal knife holder for most knives, and three manual dump valves.


  • Heavy duty 840D bladder material for superior strength and durability
  • High density 840D PVC fabric and 600D polyester fabric
  • 10# YKK zipper
  • Weight-integrated with quick releasable weight pocket
  • Separate weight pocket has been designed to accommodate various lead sizes.
  • Adjustable cummerbund waistband and shoulder straps ensures snug fit
  • Three stainless steel D-ring on shoulder, two stainless steel D-ring on bottom
  • With three dump-valve, two upper over pressure valves at the shoulders with rapid exhaust feature, one on lower right
  • Dual size knife hold to accomodate almost every knife available
  • Soft back pad for back protection
  • Double tank belts
  • Two rear non dumpable weight pockets, each holds up to 5lb
  • 16" Airway, compact power inflator
  • 26" LP hose
  • CE certificate
  • Buoyancy: S: 130N (30LB), M: 160N (36LB), L: 170N (40LB), XL: 180N (45LB)
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