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Tervetuloa Sammakkomiehen verkkokauppaan

Cressi Aquawing XS-XL

Aquawing is the one-size donut jacket designed to adapt to all anatomies (male and female) using the new patented mas (mas (modular adjustment system): in fact, the single 50 mm belt that embraces the shoulders and waist can be rapidly adjusted to your size.
The shape of the air bladder has been designed..
Hinta: 453.00 €


Hinta: 75.00 €

Apeks 2nd Stage XTX 40

Octo (ei sis. letkua)
The XTX40 regulator can be converted from a right handed hose configuration (as supplied from the APEKS factory in the standard) to a left handed one. This feature is known as the Reversible Venturi System (RVS). Changing the regulator to a left handed configuration is both quick..
Hinta: 120.00 € - 229.00 €

Dive Rite painemittari/kompassi

SPG & Compass Gauge
The Dive RiteSPG is compact and dependable.  Easy to read with its back lit display giving you peace of mind and more time to enjoy your diving. Suitable for recreational to Technical divers.  All Ocean Pro SPG Complete Gauges come as standard with a 84 cm / 36" High Pressure rubber..
Hinta: 90.00 €

Silicone Ear Plugs Cressi

Korvatulpat uimareille
Silicone Ear Plugs
Kit of 4 earplugs made from pure allergy-free silicone.
They are designed to prevent water from getting into the ears. WARNING Earplugs should not be used for diving, only for surface swimming.
Their waterproof seal is not designed for diving and a..
Hinta: 6.00 €

Cressi Marea Vip Combo, aikuiset

Marea mask with Gamma snorkel package.
Marea maski ja Venttiilisnorkkeli
The Marea & Gamma is perfect solutions for average snorkelers and scuba divers. The Marea is made in 100% silicone to assure comfort and perfect seal. It is a multi-use mask suitable both for use on the surface and in depth  thanks..
Hinta: 45.00 €

Paino 2Kg pinnoitettu

Pinnoitettu vyöpaino sukeltajalle Erittäin kestävällä muovi/Tartar-pinnoitteella päällystetty. Markkinoiden kestävin pinnoitemateriaali lyijypainoille.

Huom! jos tilaat lyijypainoja verkkokaupan kautta postilla tai matkahuollolla, niin postimaksuihin tulee erikseen lisämaksu painokilojen mukaan normaalin..
Hinta: 35.00 €

Din - Int Adapteri säiliöventtiiliin

200bar ja 232bar pulloventtiileihin sopivia
Hinta: 4.00 €

Regulaattorin säilytyslaukku

Ok kunnossa
mitat: 36*29*10cmcm
Hinta: 17.00 €

Haarahihna 2 - tuuma Dive Rite

Crotch Strap 2-Inch  Preferred by divers who use scooters (DPVs) for extended periods of time due to the added comfort the 2-inch width provides. Used for fastening a harness and backplate securely to a diver's body, the 2-inch crotch strap is used to reduce the likelihood of gear slipping upwards on..
Hinta: 18.00 €26.00 €

iQ Regulaattorilaukku bites, pink


+ Ultralight by using innovative materials + Durable 5-year warranty + Eco friendly EVA coating+..
Hinta: 28.00 €35.00 €

Cressi Swim Gloves. Uintikäsineet

Highly Durable Neoprene Gloves with Webbed Finger
Adjustable wrist closure.
Ultra flexible webbing for use during water resistance training.
Helps create smoother movement in water for a more comfortable upper body workout.
Provides increased propulsion through the water

Webbed gloves for swimming..
Hinta: 15.00 €

Stainless Steel XT Lite Backplate

The next generation of lightweight backplates has arrived. Dive Rite has taken the reliability of the stainless steel backplate and combined it with the light weight characteristics of non-stainless steel backplates. The new Dive Rite XT Lite is constructed from 16 guage 316L grade stainless steel, which..
Hinta: 120.00 €

Dive Rite 150 Frameless Mask

Diverite 150 silikonimaski
The 150 Frameless Mask uses a single tempered glass lens and low profile design to increase underwater field of vision by over 25%. By not having a frame in the center of the mask coming over the nose, the field of vision is increased while still maintaining a low volume...
Hinta: 59.00 €

Regulaattorin säilytyslaukku

Ok kunnossa
mitat: 37*29*13cm
Hinta: 17.00 €

Fourth Element 5 mm Coldwater Hood

5 mm neopreenihuppu
Our 3mm, 5mm and 7mm hoods have a simple minimalist design with a smooth Glideskin interior and are produced using stretch neoprene to ensure a comfortable fit. The short collar works for both dry and wet suits, and micro holes in hood vent air with minimal water ingress.
Hinta: 50.00 €

Cressi Apnea Man 5mm, vapaasukellus, märkäpuku

Maailman suosituin vapaasukelluspuku. Tilaustuote, Toimitusaika noin 2-3 viikkoa. 
-Pukuja voi tulla sovittamaan noutopisteelle kun sovitaan aika:  info@sammakkomies.fi

Wetsuit  with materials of the highest quality and highly valued by freedivers, fishermen and professionals for its performance-durability-price..
Hinta: 225.00 €

Cressi Borg, sukelluspuukko

Borg is a modern knife with a state-of-the-art design and medium dimensions, with a durable tempered AISI 420 steel blade. The handle has an anatomical shape and is composed of “soft grip” material for a secure grip. It is separated from the blade by an integrated polymer guard. The handle..
Hinta: 60.00 €

UV 300 T-Shirt Short Sleeve Loose Fit, Lady

UV-protection factor (SPF) 300 blocks more than 99% of the dangerous UV-A and UV-B radiation without chemicals
Breathable, ultra-light, quick-drying and highly elastic for best carrying comfort
Permanent UV protection, TÜV-certified, washing machine proof and salt-water resilient; also protects from..
Hinta: 32.00 €45.00 €

XT4 Advanced Open Water Regulator Package

The streamlining of the Dive Rite Advanced Open Water Package and the unparalleled ease of breathing of the XT4 Second Stage Regulator come together for an unbeatable combination.
The XT4 Advanced Open Water Regulator Package is made up of Dive Rite’s high performance XT1 First Stage and a matched..
Hinta: 1 017.00 €

Cressi Thor. Avokantaräpylä

Huom! Uutuusräpylä
Jäykkyys: Medium 
Brand new design for this extremely effective and yet very easy to use fin. The special arched profile of the fins combined with the two central ribs promote a significant flow convection effect, known as “spoon effect”, which stabilises and boosts propulsion..
Hinta: 75.00 €


KUMINKOITOAINE  Kaikkien kumi ja silikoniosien hoitoon ja voiteluun.
Hinta: 5.00 €

Orata, Neopreenisukka 2,5 mm, sukellus, snorklaus, avantouinti

Neopreenisukat 2,5 mm. Pohjassa liukueste
Non Slip Boots
These are single-lined, thin, high stretch neoprene boots.The inner is lined in Metallite so they are easy to put on.The sole has an effective non-slip lining. They can be used with both closed foot fins for greater warmth and to protect the..
Hinta: 30.00 €

Cressi Focus maski

korkealaatuinen sukellusmaski. 

-Lämpökarkaistu lasi -pehmeä silikonireunus -optisia miinuslinssejä 1-7 saa lisävarusteena

Toimitusaika: noin 1-7vrk

If you are looking for a mask that has been in a product line for years and has proven itself to be a universal and quality mask..
Hinta: 45.00 €

Rannemansetti, neopreeni

 Neopreeninen hihamansetti
hinta 16€/kpl 
Hinta: 16.00 €

5 mm käsineet - Neopreeni, Fourth Element

5 mm käsineet ovat tehty joustavasta neopreenista. Tiiviit saumat minimoivat veden pääsyn hanskojen sisälle.
Hinta: 38.00 €59.00 €


Medium-sized stiletto knife designed for underwater fishing. Manageable, high blade penetration and durability with a secure grip. The blade extends through the interior of the handle and, at the end of the handle, has a small pommel. Tempered AISI 304 steel with Black Coating. The duration of these..
Hinta: 60.00 €

Toisiopainemittari, liiviletkuliitännällä

Välipainemittari välipaineiden tarkastukseen.
Hinta: 30.00 €

Cressi Fisterra märkäpuku 5mm.

Lämmin märkäpuku kylmiin vesiin.
Huom! Tämän tuotteen toimitusaika noin 2 viikkoa
FISTERRA was originally born in version 8, to respond to the need of professional divers in cold waters. The demand for professional divers, diving instructors and users who demand maximum thermal performance and comfort has..
Hinta: 258.00 €

Auto/koti älylaturi Nitecore New i2

Nitecore New i2 on laadukas, automaattinen älylaturi. Se on yhteensopiva lähes kaikkien akkujen kanssa. I2 tunnistaa automaattisesti Li-ion, Ni-MH, IMR, LiFeP04 ja Ni-Cd akut ja soveltaa asianmukaista lataustapaa. Kaksi itsenäistä latauskanavaa tunnistavat ladattavan akkutyypin ja osaavat valita oikean..
Hinta: 25.00 €29.90 €