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Cressi Action Mask. Action kamerakiinnityksellä

Toimitusaika noin 2 viikkoa

Mask based on FOCUS http://( https://cressi.com/Catalogue/Details.asp?id=20) model that incorporates an adaptor on the frame for easy assembly of Action Cam cameras.

The frame has been reinforced in thickness in the assembly area of the camera and includes by default the screw with fixing knob and camera inclination adjustment.

Buckles rotate 100% in all directions thanks to the flexible anchorage and allow a microadjustment with one hand by means of a button.

Technical features

  •  Skirt with more than 85% of adaptability
  •  Adjustable 360º rotating buckles
  •  Skirt and strap made of clear or black liquid silicone
  •  Internal volume 130 cm³
  •  Weight 190 g

Available in black or transparent silicone.

Hinta:60.00 €


kirkas / clear
Musta / black