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Haarahihna 1 - tuuma Dive Rite

Crotch Strap 1-Inch  Preferred by most divers for its general comfort, the 1-inch crotch strap is ideal for fastening a harness and backplate securely to a diver's body. By using a crotch strap, divers can reduce the likelihood of their gear slipping upwards on the body in the water, resulting in the tank hitting the back of the head during a dive. Nylon webbing provides strength, yet is soft and won't dig into the body. The 1-inch (25mm) crotch strap comes with a slide release buckle and scooter ring for divers who scooter and want the convenience of a crotch strap that can be adjusted easily. Made in the U.S.A.

 One-inch nylon crotch strap has 2,200 lbs tensile strength and is 38-inches long
Stainless steel 304 welded scooter ring
Delrin engineered plastic quick release buckle for easy doff and don
3oz (85g)
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