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EPDM Hose Retainers

1 kpl 10€.  

The Dive Rite EPDM Hose Retainers are a must have for any stage, deco, or sidemount bottle rigging. Using the proven durability of EPDM rubber, these 1" wide hose retainers will withstand the test of time and diving environments with their resistance to temperature, salt, chlorine..
Hinta: 10.00 €

Ursuit putkihuivi

Ohut Ursuit putkihuivi, 100 % polyesteri
Hinta: 6.00 €

Cressi SARAGO 3mm Neopreenisukat, Avantouinti, sukellus, snorklaus

sukellus, snorklaus, avantouinti, 
These socks for fins with strap or foot pocket are made of soft highly elastic nylonlined neoprene 3 mm.
They prevent heat loss and keep feet warm.
The smooth skin neoprene on the ankle allows maximum adherence between the sock and the leg of the wetsuit, reducing..
Hinta: 33.00 €

Cressi Reaction, avokantaräpylät

Huom.Tilaustuote. toimitusaika 1-3vk. Oletusväri on sininen. Jos haluat muita värejä, niin laita tilauksen lisätietoihin haluttu väri
Cressi’s most technically advanced fin, the Reaction uses a completely new polypropylene blade material that is more reactive, flexible and trim than previous designs..
Hinta: 70.00 €109.00 €

ES155 Mask, Dive Rite

A mask is one of the most important pieces of dive gear and we think the ES155 frameless mask is it. With exceptional visibility and superior comfort being in the forefront of the design, diving on a reef or exploring a cave or wreck couldn’t be more exhilarating. The wide angle of vision provided..
Hinta: 60.00 €79.00 €

iQ Regulaattorilaukku Bites, orange

Hinta: 28.00 €35.00 €

Cressi Coral Jr

Wrap shoes for Boys, perfect for swimming, boat, beach, etc. The sole is made of durable plastic and flexible, neoprene upper and breathable mesh elastic material.  Blue / white Size: 24 to 35
Hinta: 10.00 €15.00 €

Saumanauha kuivapukuun

Sauman viimeistelevä päälliteippi Ursuit kuivapukuihin, leveys 22 mm. Hinta 6€ /m.
Hinta: 6.00 € - 18.00 €

Maskin hihnan neopreenisuojus

Maskin hihnan päälle pujotettava neopreenisuoja.
Soft Neoprene Strap Mask Cover  with Cressi logo. It offers comfort and helps to hold the mask strap. Cressi Neoprene Mask Strap Cover is constructed of the finest materials with Taped and Sewn Edges for Strength and Durability

Soft neoprene strap..
Hinta: 12.00 €

Michael Phelps FOCUS FRONT SNORKEL, Etusnorkkeli

Focus uinti tekniikka snorkkeli on muotoiltu ja suunniteltu mahdollisemman mukavaksi jotta uimari keskittyy yksinomaan oikeaan uintitekniikkaan.
Koko: Regular (aikuisten)
• Unique Low Profile Hydrodynamic tube reduces drag and eases breathing • Head Bracket Adjustable, lightweight with..
Hinta: 35.00 €

iQ Logbook Bites Blue


incl. Infill & Pen, suitable for Padi / Ssi

The perfect compact logbook for travelling divers. Each dive is a unique experience and always fascinating. Keeping a record of those experiences is not only useful for your future “diving career”, and the next..
Hinta: 22.00 €29.95 €

Neopreeniliima Cressi, 30g

NEOPREENILIIMA  Perinteinen kontaktityyppinen neopreeniliima esim. märkäpukujen korjaukseenja kumiosien liimaukseen.Joustaa kuivuttuaan.
Hinta: 8.00 €

Kuivapuvun vetoketju, metalli

Sopii lähes kaikkiin kuivapukuihin
Hinta: 130.00 € - 140.00 €


Hydrodynamics buoy and materials and made with high quality components. Its size is suitable for use as marker buoys position significantly reducing drag and stowage volume but which allows, in case of need, hanging an accessory.
nailon 420D Color: Red Fluorine
Hinta: 70.00 €93.00 €

Cressi painovyö, Kumivyö,Vapaasukellus,

-Kuminen painovyö vapaasukeltajille
Rubber weight belt with stainless steel buckle.
Because it is made from a stretch material, the belt automatically tightens up during descent, when it generally loosens due to abdominal pressure and the reduction in the thickness of the wetsuit.
Consequently the..
Hinta: 40.00 €



The preferred choice of Recreational Divers
- 3.0 cubic feet of air
- Tank finish in Neon Yellow for safety
- Easily refills from your own SCUBA tank with included Din refill adapter (patent pending)
- Easily attaches to your BC with included holster and safety leash
- Small, hands-free..
Hinta: 330.00 €

Paino 2Kg pinnoitettu

Pinnoitettu vyöpaino sukeltajalle Erittäin kestävällä muovi/Tartar-pinnoitteella päällystetty. Markkinoiden kestävin pinnoitemateriaali lyijypainoille.

Huom! jos tilaat lyijypainoja verkkokaupan kautta postilla tai matkahuollolla, niin postimaksuihin tulee erikseen lisämaksu painokilojen mukaan normaalin..
Hinta: 35.00 €

Cressi America Black

Snorkkelien kestosuosikki. -Joustava perusputki -Suukappale silikoonia.
This snorkel is designed specifically for the needs of free divers.
The ventilation is excellent, because the tube is shorter, has a large bore and is a well-connected anatomical shape without sharp curves.
Hinta: 17.00 €

Silikonirasva kiekko

O-renkaiden voiteluurasva
Regulaattorin huoltoon ja kaikkiin o-renkaiden voiteluun soveltuva elintarvikepohjainen silikoonirasva. Erittäin riittoisaa
Hinta: 8.00 €

ANTI FOG spray Huurteenestoaine

Huurteenestoaine (spray) tai (Gel) sukellusmaskeille ja uimalaseille.
Hinta: 6.00 € - 10.00 €

iQ Aqua-Shoe Jolly Fish, Lasten neopreenitossut

Suojaa ja lämittää jalkaa

Beach and water shoes with non-slip rubber sole. Perfect shoes for all activities in the water. Protects against nettles, jellyfish, reefs, rocks and other unpleasant underwater obstacles and is also comfortable at the beach. Rear fully adjustable with drawstring. Rubber..
Hinta: 10.00 €15.00 €

Cressi Reef

Shoes for all water sports, which allow you to use in the water, thanks to the velcro anti-slipping. Upper sealed design with special breathable mesh elastic material. Non-slip sole material with high coefficient of friction. Adjustable Velcro closure system on the instep. Size: 36 to 46 (from 3.5 to..
Hinta: 12.00 €20.00 €

Cressi Marea&Gamma Vip Combo Clear

Marea mask with Gamma snorkel package.
Marea maski ja Venttiilisnorkkeli
The Marea & Gamma is perfect solutions for average snorkelers and scuba divers. The Marea is made in 100% silicone to assure comfort and perfect seal. It is a multi-use mask suitable both for use on the surface and in depth  thanks..
Hinta: 50.00 €56.00 €

iQ ABC Bag Safari, turquoise


navy blue..
Hinta: 30.00 €35.00 €

Painovyön solki, Ursuit

Teräs, pikasolki
Hinta: 12.00 €



Huom! jos tilaat lyijypainoja verkkokaupan kautta postilla tai matkahuollolla, niin postimaksuihin tulee erikseen lisämaksu painokilojen mukaan normaalin postin tariffin mukaaisesti.(kts.www.posti.fi) esim. 20 kg lyijyä maksaa postilla, tai matkahuollola tilattuna 25€.  ..
Hinta: 9.00 €


• Pack of 5 • Orange or white
Hinta: 9.00 €

Cressi Palau Bag Set

-Laadukas snorklausräpylä säädettävällä kantahihnalla
-Tasokas Onda silikonimaski jossa lämpökarkaistu lasi ja säädettävä silikonihihna
-Snorkkelissa tyhjennysventtiili ja roiskevesiläppä. Suukappaleen suuntaus säädettävissä.
Nice and modern bag with Palau fins, Marea mask and Gamma snorkel...
Hinta: 60.00 € - 70.00 €

VYÖPAINO 2KG(1850-2000g)

LYIJYPAINO  1850-2020 gr    

Huom! jos tilaat lyijypainoja verkkokaupan kautta postilla tai matkahuollolla, niin postimaksuihin tulee erikseen lisämaksu painokilojen mukaan normaalin postin tariffin mukaaisesti.(kts.www.posti.fi) esim. 20 kg lyijyä maksaa postilla, tai matkahuollola tilattuna 25€..
Hinta: 14.00 €

Dive Rite 150 Frameless Mask

Diverite 150 silikonimaski
The 150 Frameless Mask uses a single tempered glass lens and low profile design to increase underwater field of vision by over 25%. By not having a frame in the center of the mask coming over the nose, the field of vision is increased while still maintaining a low volume...
Hinta: 59.00 €