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Cressi Fisterra märkäpuku 5mm.

Lämmin märkäpuku kylmiin vesiin.

Huom! Tämän tuotteen toimitusaika noin 2 viikkoa

FISTERRA was originally born in version 8, to respond to the need of professional divers in cold waters. The demand for professional divers, diving instructors and users who demand maximum thermal performance and comfort has encouraged us to incorporate a 5 mm version for temperate waters into the collection.

Fisterra 5 mm is a resistant, very watertight and highly thermal combination with jacket without zippers and high trousers with dungarees. A combination that combines, therefore, characteristics that place it at the apex of pure performance in a wetsuit of this thickness.

Low-compression LC neoprene that guarantees optimum thermal protection at the bottom due to its high resistance to compression ideal for professional work or long duration diving.

Nylon outer lining of high weight very resistant, interior X-Plush elastic terry loop, waterproof and great sliding that facilitates the placement and removal of the suit at the same time has a large thermal memory.

Wide anti-abrasion knee-spin pads and elbow pads in Supratex©.

5 mm waterproof sleeves in smooth neoprene on the inside of the face, cuffs and ankles, especially resistant and watertight.

Specific axillary pattern that allows a great mobility of the arms since it eliminates completely the seams under the arm.

Sizes: from 2 to 6

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kokotaulukko: https://www.cressi.com/easyUp/file/WetSuitsSizeChart.pdf
Tuotevideo Cressi: https://www.cressi.com/Multimedia/VideoPop.asp?v=WES_fisterra&EstVideo=853

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