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The Cressi Tank Strap Weight band can help prevent excess cylinder buoyancy.

By placing hard or soft lead in the weight pocket situated on your cylinder, the cam band will keep the cylinder from floating towards the end of a dive and can provide balance to the system for a more comfortable dive.

It will also take some weight off the hips when diving with a weight belt. Pockets are made from durable nylon material with a zippered closure for security of weight.

These 2.7 kg (5 lb) capacity, non-releasable weight pockets have a nylon webbing loop sewn to the back for easy threading to your tank cam strap webbing

  • Can help prevent excess cylinder buoyancy towards the end of a dive when the tank is lighter
  • Provides balance for a more comfortable dive. 
  • Can help take weight off the hips while using a weight belt.
  • Made from durable nylon material with a zippered closure.
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