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Tervetuloa Sammakkomiehen verkkokauppaan

Sukeltajan puukko

Vnha klassinen sukeltajan veitsi
Hinta: 12.00 €

Element Sup Lauta. Cressi

Hinta: 620.00 € - 650.00 €

Rubber Band Pure, "1.4-300 cm - - ", black

Reinforced internal tube, bigger density (shore 45-¦) to maximize the resistance to pressure of the ball over the internal walls of the rubber.

Toimitusaika noin 2-3vk
Hinta: 62.00 €


Hydrodynamics buoy and materials and made with high quality components. Its size is suitable for use as marker buoys position significantly reducing drag and stowage volume but which allows, in case of need, hanging an accessory.
nailon 420D Color: Red Fluorine
Hinta: 70.00 €93.00 €

Cressi Reaction, avokantaräpylät

Huom.Tilaustuote. toimitusaika 2-3vk. 
Cressi’s most technically advanced fin, the Reaction uses a completely new polypropylene blade material that is more reactive, flexible and trim than previous designs.
It kicks easily yet powerfully and is suitable for divers of every experience level.
Hinta: 83.00 €

Sidewinder Explorer Reel 274m

Narukela Sidewinder Exp Reel North Florida cave diver, Woody Jasper, first invented the Explorer Reel around 1980. As cave explorations were becoming longer, deeper, and more extensive a reel was needed that could help an explorer make some serious penetrations into a virgin cave system. Less likely..
Hinta: 190.00 €231.29 €

Apeks 2nd Stage XTX 40

Octo (ei sis. letkua)
The XTX40 regulator can be converted from a right handed hose configuration (as supplied from the APEKS factory in the standard) to a left handed one. This feature is known as the Reversible Venturi System (RVS). Changing the regulator to a left handed configuration is both quick..
Hinta: 120.00 € - 229.00 €

Basic Harness, Hihnasto

Diverite Perushihnasto  
For those who prefer a streamlined rig without buckles, chest strap or padding, the Basic Harness is a clean, simple harness intended for use with hard metal backplates. Two-inch (50mm) nylon webbing provides strength, yet is soft and won't dig into the body. Harness is adjustable..
Hinta: 50.00 €61.00 €

Suunto Zoop Novo

Helppokäyttöinen nitroksitoiminnoilla varustettu sukellustietokone sukellusharrastajille

Viisi käyttötilaa: paineilma-, nitroksi-, mittari- ja vapaasukellustila sekä ei käytössä
Täydellinen jatkuva dekompressioalgoritmi – Suunto RGBM
Integroitu sukellusten suunnittelu
Hinta: 249.00 €



The preferred choice of Recreational Divers
- 3.0 cubic feet of air
- Tank finish in Neon Yellow for safety
- Easily refills from your own SCUBA tank with included Din refill adapter (patent pending)
- Easily attaches to your BC with included holster and safety leash
- Small, hands-free..
Hinta: 300.00 €330.00 €

tuplapullohihnat, pari. (133cm)

Tuplapulloille tarkoitetut säiliöhihnat. pituus 133cm
Hinta: 28.00 €

Orca Torch D580, 530 Lumen

ORCATORCH D580 is a professional underwater dive light with max 530 lumens output. Mechanically head rotary switch offers high reliability underwater. The light is compatible with two types of batties: 1* 18650Li-ion rechargeable battery, which is economic and eco-friendly, and the 3*AAA Alkaline batteries..
Hinta: 69.00 €

Säädettävä välisilta sululla. S.O.S 232-300bar

S.O.S venttiileihin säädettävä välisilta sulkuventtiilillä

Central valve with control for torroidal connections for tanks diam.171mm
Code 10095 diam. 203mm säiliöt Code 10100 diam. 140mm säiliöt Code 20007 diam. 170mm säiliöt..
Hinta: 40.00 € - 60.00 €

Snorkel keeper, Snorkkelinpidin

Cressi Snorkel keeper made of hight quality materials.
- Sopii kaikkiin snorkkeleihin
Hinta: 3.60 €

Cressi Pro Star Bag


Set with Pro Star fins, Matrix mask and Gamma Snorkel
Hinta: 85.00 €

Cressi Corsica snorkkeli

This is a new, highly technological, Cressi snorkel that has been designed specifically for deep fishing and free diving. 

The tube of the Corsica is characterised by the use of a new concept of special polymers that have excellent shape memory thus allowing the snorkel to bend against objects and..
Hinta: 18.00 €

Ursuit T-paita. Cave Diving

Ursuit -Cave diving kuva rinnassa. Muuten musta väriltään
Hinta: 25.00 €

Silicone Ear Plugs Cressi

Korvatulpat uimareille
Silicone Ear Plugs
Kit of 4 earplugs made from pure allergy-free silicone.
They are designed to prevent water from getting into the ears. WARNING Earplugs should not be used for diving, only for surface swimming.
Their waterproof seal is not designed for diving and a..
Hinta: 6.00 €

Jon Line

Diverite Yhteysnaru  
 echnical divers use a jon line to maintain a certain depth when ascent lines are crowded with other divers or when the current is ripping. Our Jon Line easily clips onto an anchor line or down line and is also easy to remove. Available in two designs, the Jon Line can be purchased..
Hinta: 50.00 €

Vauvauinti lämmike, Infant/Baby Warmer

Neopreenilämmike vauvoille. Sopii vauvauintiin.
This infant/baby warmer has been constructed with neoprene which warmth and sun protection to the wearer on covered parts.

Keeps children warm when exposed to aquatic environment
Positively buoyant which assists with back flotation for survival breathing..
Hinta: 22.00 €

Regulaattorin säilytyslaukku

Ok kunnossa
mitat: 37*29*13cm
Hinta: 17.00 €

Ergoflex Hand Paddle

The Ergoflex hand paddle increase water resistance throughout the pull, improving your stroke technique and building strength. This high-performance tool is a must-have for all your swim trainings.
• Interconnected «bones» provide structure and resistance
• Rubber frame maintains flexibility..
Hinta: 20.00 €


Snorkkeli tyhjennysventtiilillä

Aquilon P/V snorkkelissa on innovatiiviset ratkaisut, jotka takaavat nopean tyhjennyksen. Ilmanohjain auttaa tyhjennystä työntämällä vettä tehokkaammin putken läpi ulos. Suukappale on kiinnitettynä ilmaohjaimeen jolloin snorkkelin pohjasta saadaan joustava..
Hinta: 29.00 €

Polvisiteet. Elastiset

Tukisiteet kehonrakentajalle
Hinta: 15.00 €


Lämmin Ursuit putkihuivi tuplakankaalla, kääntöpuolella toinen kuosi.
Hinta: 15.00 €

Sukelluspullo 12L 200bar lyhyt possu

juuri katsastettu 10v leima
Hinta: 145.00 €

Best Divers, Snorklausliivi

Tärkeä turvavaruste snorkkeliretkille. -Täytetään puhaltamalla -Säädettävä vyötärökiinnitys -Kulutusta kestävää materiaalia. -Lapsille 8-14v
Hinta: 28.00 €


D-renkaat Combined with a belt slide (sold separately) the D-ring is the best way to create an attachment point on soft webbing. D-rings available in 2-inch, low profile (AC1063), 2-inch with a 3/16-inch diameter (HW1062) 2-inch bent at 45 degree angle (HW1062)and 2-inch with 1/4-inch diameter (HW1018)..
Hinta: 2.90 €

Predator, sukelluspuukko

Small knife, very handy and anatomical. Its dimensions make it particularly suitable to be stored as a spare knife, or for divers who like to gear up in a practical and effective way.

Black coating blade treatment
Length blade cm 8.6 - inch 3.39
Total length cm 18 - inch 7.09
Weight knife only..
Hinta: 45.00 €

Dive Rite XT Fins. Tekniikkaräpylät

Diverite Prestige avokantaräpylät tekniikkasukellukseen
Using a proven design, Dive Rite XT Fins are the best choice for divers looking for a high performance blade fin. Updated in 2020 the XT Fin has a new POM swivel buckle that allows for easier donning and adjustment.
The XT's monoprene blend offers..
Hinta: 160.00 €