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Duke full face mask

  • skirt made of soft silicone
  • valveless breathing system system
  • one direction airflow
  • snorkel top with dry system preventing water entry
  • adjustable elastic strap


Bonete fins

  • foot pocket made of soft rubber
  • adjustable strap

Cressi’s Duke full-face mask is designed with safety in mind.

With a 30% larger viewing area, snorkelers can see all the underwater world has to offer without feeling claustrophobic.

The dry snorkel keeps water out, while a specialized deflector maximizes air circulation and eliminates fogging.

The valveless design gives the user effortless and natural breathing, with a wide breathing area around the nose and mouth.

Water draining valves safely remove any water that may enter the mask.

This mask is designed for surface use only and should not be used at depth.

The face skirt is made of soft hypoallergenic silicone that ensures comfort and a perfect seal.

The two x-cross straps are easy to adjust for a perfect fit. The frame and lens are made of polycarbonate.

The Duke is made in two sizes to ensure proper fitting.

The Cressi Bonete fins are short, open-heel fins with adjustable straps.

The redesigned buckle system increases the sturdiness and ensures a long lifespan.

The fin strap features a large thumb loop to easy donning and doffing.

They can also be hung on a hook for drying.

The foot pocket is made of rubber material for comfort and adapts to all feet.

This open-foot pocket fin comes with an adjustable strap, which allows it to be shared between different people in a similar foot size-range.

The composite design of the blade provides comfortable finning and helps reduce leg cramping.

The fins are ideal for travelers due to their compact dimensions and lightweight.

They come with a practical net bag ideal for rinsing the fins after use and removing any sand.

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