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Mini Tech Spg, Dive Rite, Painemittari

Mini Tech SPG

A clean, black and white face means the Mini Tech SPG is easy to read. This naked gauge has a 2-inch diameter with a 1.75-inch face (RG 2762-NH).

A Bourdon tube gauge, the Tech SPG is calibrated to 5000 PSI in 100 PSI increments (360 Bar in 10 Bar increments) for the highest level of accuracy. A tempered glass face is impact and scratch resistant, while the luminescent dial makes it easier to read in low light situations.

Comes standard as a naked SPG with a spool to attach a hose swivel to the gauge. A boot is available as a separate option, if desired. The Mini Tech SPG is suitable for oxygen service and is CE approved.

SKU: RG2762-NH, RG2762BAR-NH
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