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Dive Rite XT Fins. Tekniikkaräpylät

Diverite Prestige avokantaräpylät tekniikkasukellukseen

Using a proven design, Dive Rite XT Fins are the best choice for divers looking for a high performance blade fin. Updated in 2020 the XT Fin has a new POM swivel buckle that allows for easier donning and adjustment.

The XT's monoprene blend offers the best balance of power to work ratio, providing efficient finning in high flow or stiff currents. The blade shape is designed for a wide variety of kicks, including frog kicks, modified flutter and power kicks. They are stiff, yet with plenty of snap and are lighter in weight than traditional rubber fins, meaning legs and feet won't cramp even after miles of swimming.

The 12-inch pliable marine grade stainless steel spring-heel strap allows for quick donning/doffing. A molded heel pad provides comfort, while low profile finger hold add to the ease of use without creating snag points. A lightweight POM swivel buckle secures the heel strap to the blade, and allows the spring strap to swivel out of the way for easier donning. Divers can customize the fit of their straps by moving the buckle locking screw between 2 positions on the buckle.

All Sizes available in Black, Red and “Anarchy” Blue.


Fin Size Men's US Size Women's US Size
Small Up to 6 Up to 7
Medium 7 - 9 8 - 10
Large 10 - 12 11 - 13
X-Large 13 and Up 14 and Up
Note: Sizing is based off of normal wet suit boots. For oversized drysuit boots ("rock boots") we recommend going up one size. 

*Detailed measurements available in "Tech Info"


  • Injection molded Monoprene blade with monoprene center strip gives rigidity and flexibility for maximum performance with minimum effort.
  • POM molded swivel buckles with two adjustment positions
  • Marine grade stainless steel spring heel straps
  • Available in sizes Small through X-Large

kuvat ja teksti:  www.diverite.com

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Large Blue160.00 €
Large Gray160.00 €
Medium Blue160.00 €
Red L160.00 €
Red M160.00 €
Red S160.00 €
Red XL160.00 €
Small Blue160.00 €


Tuotevideo: http://www.diverite.com/products/catalog/fins/es420