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Dry Kids Snorkel. Kuivasnorkkeli lapsille

Kuivasnorkkeli lapsille 5-13v

Dry Junior

Version of the Dry model for women and children.

The Dry Junior snorkel has an original anti-splash end with a special valve that seals the tube as you dive, almost totally preventing the entrance of water as the snorkel is submerged.

The lower end has a corrugated part that is smooth on the inside and keeps the snorkel away from the mouth when using breathing apparatus.

A special water collection cup, with a large elliptic discharge valve makes expelling water quick and easy.


Technical characteristics

  • Anti-splash end with automatically closing valve
  • Ergonomic shape for maximum comfort
  • Mouthpiece and corrugated part in hypoallergenic silicone
  • Discharge cup for easy and quick emptying
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