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EBS Straps, Kantajousi avokantaräpylään

Kantajouset avokataräpylöihin

Yleismalliset klipsit. Sopivat useimpiin räpylämalleihin ja merkkeihin.

EBS Straps for Ara / Pro Light / Frog - Short Fit


EBS Sraps for open heel scuba diving fin ara/Pro light/frog & Reaction/Frog Plus. Cressi has developed this special strap to meet the needs of the most demanding divers . Its special amply sized slot makes it very easy to put on, even when wearing thick Gloves or three-fingered Gloves for winter water . The wrapping section is Highly flexible, making adjustments unnecessary

Hinta:30.00 €



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Simplified version of the Navajo model.
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Anodised aluminium tube 26 mm in diameter..
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