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Cressi Palau Laf snorklausräpylä

Snorklausräpylä. Sopii paljaaseen jalkaan 

siniset ovat hyllytavaraa.  Muita värejä saa tilaustavarana

Palau opens the way for a new type of snorkeling and swimming fin. In actual fact, it has been designed for two specific needs.

The first was to have a foot pocket that could easily adapt to at least three or four consecutive sizes so that the same fin could be used by all the members of a family, or by a group of friends or easily rented out in a diving centre or on a charter boat, without requiring an infinite number of sizes. 
The second need was that of guaranteeing extreme comfort and an easy fit even if this is a fin with a strap to be worn with bare feet.
The result is a fin that is extraordinarily practical, that adapts to practically any foot and that allows for very quick fitting in any situation. 
The blade is made from a light yet responsive material that assures a kick that is fluid, effortless yet at the same time quite powerful.
The strap has a strong ring on the upper part to allow reversal of the strap itself or to fix the fins to the body or the equipment.
Palau is available in 5 sizes that cover shoe sizes from 32 to 47.

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Blue M-L 39-42
Blue XL 43-46
Yellow XXS 32-35
Pink XS 35-38