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Dive Rite, Neoprene Hood 5mm

Diverite Neopreenihuppu  5mm, Lämmin ja mukava. Sopii myös jääsukelluksiin. 

Kaulurissa seal-pinta, joka vähentää veden vaihtumista sukelluspukuun kauluksen kautta.

huom! Koot ovat pieniä, joten kannattaa valita reilumpi koko.  (M=S ja XXL=XL)

Designed for use with our 905 Drysuits, the Neoprene Hood helps regulate body temperature by keeping warmth from escaping the head. Warm and comfortable, it has a ventilated top panel that releases trapped air without letting in cold water. Features skin-in at the face and neck to better seal and minimize water flow into the hood. The face seal can be trimmed to accommodate a variety of face shapes and mask sizes. A lined interior skin slides on easily and adds extra warmth. While the neck seal is designed to fit with our 905 Drysuits, our Neoprene Hood is suitable for both drysuit and wetsuit diving. A shorter skirt means less material to tuck into the exposure suit, eliminating restriction at the neck. Available in 5mm (EX930).

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