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Neon Computer Watch, vapaasukellus, Laitesukellustietokone

Neon Computer Watch


• High contrast display with extra large numbers
• Easy access menu
• 12/24 time format with calendar and seconds
• Precision stopwatch
• Second time setting
• Alarm clock
• Backlit display
• Surf time, desaturation and no fly time calculator
• Lets you know when battery is empty
• Metric or imperial units
• Air/nitrox program
• Cressi rgbm algorithm
• Complete diving data processor
• Ppo2 1.2-1.6 configuration
• It is possible to select hyper-oxygenated mixes during the dive phase. gas1 21-50% gas2 21-99% 

• Graphic indicator of cns toxicity level of oxygen
• Safety stop indicator
• Multiple level safety factor configuration
• Altitude configuration
• Algorithm for managing uncontrolled ascent
• Suitable for repeated, multiday decompression diving
• It is possible to alternate between nitrox and air diving even during desaturation
• Visualisation of time at dive phase
• Add / remove deep stop
• Alarm in case of breach of ascent speed, decompression or ppo2
• It is possible to disable the ascent alarms
• Indicates time at dive phase
• Device completely resettable, useful for renting purposes
• Planning: scrolling of no-decompression limits
• Free (apnea) program
• Display of all diving parameters
• Depth
• Temperature
• Dip counter
• Maximum dive depth
• Dive time
• Length of surface interval between each dive
• Length of diving session
• Depth, dive time and surface interval alarms
• Recovery time alarm
• Visualisation of time at dive phase
• Gage program (without decompression calculator)
• Depth/temperature indicator
• Average depth
• Dive time in minutes and seconds
• Resettable depth stopwatch
• Visualisation of time at dive phase
• Off mode
• Sensors disabled for snorkelling/swimming activities
• Logbook up to 50 dives per category

• Optional interface with visualisation of diving profile

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