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Cressi Corsica White snorkkeli

This is a new, highly technological, Cressi snorkel that has been designed specifically for deep fishing and free diving. 

  • The tube of the Corsica is characterised by the use of a new concept of special polymers that have excellent shape memory thus allowing the snorkel to bend against objects and then spring back into its original position. 
  • The mouthpiece in hypoallergenic silicone has been designed with a special anatomical shape that minimises any feeling of discomfort, even after prolonged use.
  • The tube’s material is especially flexible polyurethane and it has elastic memory after being subjected to flexion, folded or even knotted over itself for days. The tube’s walls section has been studied to maintain the needed rigidity on the mask strap’s pressure area to avoid damaging the air flow on this area.

    Really comfortable nozzle, with minimized thickness on the gums area to keep a great comfort even with long usage. Rounded pins with thin basis. Assembly nozzle-tube very reliable.  
Made In Italy
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