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Beuchat Tubair, Uppopallosnorkkeli


Materiaali: kumi

The BEUCHAT snorkels are only to be used for the breathing by mouth when swimming on surface. Use Special training with a diving instructor is recommended for the use of the snorkel in safe conditions. Snorkel class A : for people with large lung capacities Snorkel class B : for people with small lung capacities Warning! Do not lengthen the snorkel artificially, risk of serious accident. Before using, check the condition of the snorkel. Fitting • The snorkel can be positioned with the attachment device (2) (strap holder) on the left or right side of the head. • After this operation, adjust the pipe (1) of the snorkel to have a comfortable mouthpiece (4) position at the level of your mouth. • Adjust the mouthpiece for comfort. • Bite smoothly the two tabs (3) of the mouthpiece to secure proper sealing and comfort. • Seal lips firmly around the mouthpiece. Maintenance After use, rinse with fresh water. Do not let dry in the sun. Store in a dry place sheltered from sunlight. Warranty All our products are guaranteed in compliance with current laws in the country of purchase.

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