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Ursuit Descent & Apeks MTX-R Stage3


-Ursuit Descent tasapainotusliivi

-Apeks MTX-R Stage3 regulaattori ( annostajaa) / vaihtoehto Apeks ATX Stage3

-Cressi painemittari letkulla

-Optiona saa myös 10L/300ba säiliön kanssa. +250€

In the Ursuit Descent jacket BCD made of durable materials, you will find everything you expect from a high-end jacket BCD. Well-padded sturdy backrest, integrated weight pockets, trim pockets, multiply D-rings for attachments, a universal knife holder for most knives, and three manual dump valves.

Hinta alk.800.00 €


Tuote Hinta
BCD+Regupaketti(Apeks MTX-R)+mittari1 000.00 €
BCD+Regupaketti+mittari(Apeks MTX-R)+10L/300 säiliö1 250.00 €
BCD+Regupaketti(Apeks ATX)+mittari800.00 €
BCD+Regupaketti(Apeks ATX)+mittari+10/300 säiliö1 050.00 €