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Koirien pelastusliivit, Dog Life Jacket

Don’t sink⸴ float and swim

The dog life jacket is a garment of duratex 1000 denier black fabric (like cordura) and polyester 500 denier (goose-beak yellow) specifically designed to keep the animal on the surface or to facilitate it to swim. It is the necessary equipment for rescue dogs in water and is very useful for rehabilitation. It has a practical ring for the leash and a comfortable handle (three in sizes l-xl) to facilitate the recovery of the dog when you are on the boat. The jacket has been exactly achieved to keep the dog in the correct swimming position and to facilitate its movements, both when it is submerged and on the surface. The life jacket is ergonomic, comfortable and easy to wear. The 7 sizes range is from micro 2xs to xl. This product has also been designed to be used over the cressi dog wetsuit, which further increases the dog’s protection against the cold


• Padding made of material with intrinsic buoyancy
• Duratex 1000 denier fabric and polyester 500 denier
• Double strip of high-visibility silver reflective material en471 and inserts of the same material
• Embroidered logos and rubberized logo
• Two ventral padded bands for greater dog comfort
• D-ring anchor point, to attach the leash and/or an eventual signalling night light
• Additional handle (l-xl)
• Comfortable handle to facilitate recovery of the dog from the boat or the swimming pool
• Additional handle (l-xl)
• High visibility profiles
• High strength buckles
• Anatomic design
• Padded band

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Micro 2XS
Micro XS