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Facile Lady 8mm wetsuit. Cressi

One-piece wetsuit with different thicknesses (8, 6 e 5 mm) and attached hood for cold water.

The suit is characterized by the WATER STOP SYSTEM, whereby a particular bib inside in ULTRASTRETCH material creates a double barrier against water infiltration and improves thermal insulation.

Transverse front zipper, along with the special ELASTIC SPAN cover and X-PLUSH lining, greatly facilitate the fit and donning.

Special 6.5 mm inserts on the arms and legs improve the joint anatomy, enabling smoother motion. Additional pre-bent embossing in the folds of the joints.

SMALL DIAMOND anti abrasion reinforcements on the shoulder and back side (buttocks).
Protective reinforcement on the knees.

5 mm hood with Air Free valve to remove the air.

Wrists and ankles have double cuffs with a zip; the size is printed in evidence on the inside wrists.

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