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Dive Rite Säiliöpanta, Cam Strap

Säiliöpanta sinkkusäiliölle  

Dive Rite cam straps are available in three different options. Our most popular is a standard 2-inch webbing with stainless steel buckle, which is the standard BCD cam strap. Next is our low-profile, 1.5-inch webbing with stainless steel buckle thta is popular for stage bottles and sidemount tanks. Finally, a lightweight, plastic buckle version of our 2-inch cam strap is also available.

Webbing length is standard 36-inches to fit either 7.25-inch or 8-inch tanks. A 28-inch cam strap is also available for use on pony bottles. Our cam straps use marine-grade, stainless steel hardware that are resistant to corrosion, yet are also lightweight. All cam straps include a sewn-in, non-slip pad to protect the tank from scratches.

  • 36-inches long - standard (BC2034 s/s, BC2032 plastic) - Sold individually
  • 28-inches long - short (BC2034SHORT) - Sold individually
  • 1.5-inch wide with stainless steel buckle (BC2036-1.5) - Sold individually
  • 7,000 lbs tensile strength
  • 19.6 oz (555.6 g)



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Sinkkupullolle, with roller buckle, 2 tuumaa35.00 €

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BC2035 – Sold Individually

Lightweight, marine grade stainless steel buckle
36″ (91.4cm) length of 2 inch webbing with 7,000 lb tensile strength
Weight: 11oz (311g)
Made in USA

Hinta: 29.00 € - 35.00 €
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