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Jon Line

Diverite Yhteysnaru  

 echnical divers use a jon line to maintain a certain depth when ascent lines are crowded with other divers or when the current is ripping. Our Jon Line easily clips onto an anchor line or down line and is also easy to remove. Available in two designs, the Jon Line can be purchased with either a stainless steel carabineer or stainless steel Garvin Hook. Our Jon Line with Carabineer has 5-feet of yellow 1-inch nylon webbing and a stainless steel carabineer stored inside a small, dispenser pouch that fits any 2-inch webbing. The carabineer can be clipped into lines to free run up and down the line or wrapped and clipped for a friction wrap around a anchor/down line. Our Jon Line with Garvin Hook is 6-feet of yellow 1-inch nylon webbing with a hand loop at one end and can be stowed using an elastic loop and pull tab. The hook grips the line and can be easily removed.

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