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SEE ME FLOAT, Puhallettava merkkipoiju

Puhallettava Merkkipoiju

 A compact version of our Surface Marking Device, the Seeme Float is often referred to as a "safety sausage." A Seeme Float is a must-have accessory for every open ocean diver in the event they are separated from the boat and are also helpful on drift dives or night dives. Fully closed, it inflates orally and includes a clear plastic holder for a chemical glow stick. At 44-inches long and 4-inches wide (112cm x 10cm), it secures easily in a pocket or can be clipped to a harness D-ring with the attached plastic clip. Available in orange.

  • Oral inflation tube with one way valve
  • Chemical glow stick holder
  • Ultrasonically sealed seams
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