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Argon Bottle Mount

Argon Säiliönpidike  

For divers who use argon gas for drysuit inflation or carry a small bottle of spare air, our Argon Bottle Mount carries one 6-cubic foot or one 13-cubic foot tank. With two different styles, one designed to be attached along the 1-inch D-rings of the TransPac backplate (GM2779-TPAC) and another that attaches using assembly screws to the perimeter holes of metal backplates (GM2779), the Argon Bottle Mount can be attached to either side of the backplate and behind the diver's arm. A quick release buckle allows the bottle to be removed, if necessary, during a dive.


Two cinch straps with stainless steel grommets
One adjustable 1-inch (2.54 cm) nylon strap with quick release buckle and sewn-in loop
Two stainless steel assembly screws included with GM2779
5.8oz (164g)

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