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Dive Rite Deco Stage O2 Regulator, POISTOMALLI

Happiregulaattori setti 300€

Täydellinen O2 regulaattori paketti, annostaja merkattu happiregulaattoriksi vihreällä etulevyllä, vihreällä suukappaleella ja vihreällä 40 tuuman letkulla. Kuvasta poiketen, tämä tuote toimitetaan letkupaine mittarilla joka on noin 15cm pitkä.

A complete O2 regulator system, our Oxygen Regulator includes a dedicated green faceplate, a green mouthpiece and 40-inch hose along with our 1-inch Button Gauge for tank pressure. Using oxygen compatible materials and assembly processes that are today industry standard, our Oxygen Regulator is suitable for oxygen use at gas pressures up to 3000 psi. **

Our Oxygen Regulator is a combination of our balanced 1208 first stage and unbalanced second. The 1208 balanced first stage is the same first stage that is used in our CE approved 3100 series regulator. Its IP setting of 140 means better gas delivery. And the swiveling turret makes for easy hose routing around the neck and keeps hoses lying flat against the tank. Our unbalanced second stage is a low maintenance regulator with years of proven reliability.

The Oxygen Regulator comes with Dive Rite’s standard limited lifetime warranty and free service kits for

life through an authorized Dive Rite dealer as long as the regulator is serviced every two years or one hundred dives.

** CAUTION: The RG1200-O2 Oxygen Regulator is suitable for oxygen use only if precautions are taken. Diver must use oxygen compatible materials, keep the regulator clean from contaminants during assembly and use and open the tank valve slowly each time the regulator is pressurized. These are normal operating instructions and safety precautions for any equipment used with oxygen mixtures above 40%. Please refer to your agency training guidelines for additional information on how to safely dive oxygen mixtures above 40%.

  • European EN250 norms: Regulator meets the European EN 250 - 2003 norms.
  • Pneumatically balanced design
  • Four low pressure ports (3/8-24 UN)
  • Two high pressure ports (7/16-20 UNF/ISO263)
  • Connector: 300 bar
  • Intermediate pressure: 140 PSI
  • Temperature rating: 50 to 95 F (10 to 19 C) (27 F/-2 C with Environmental Kit)
  • O-rings: oxygen compatible o-rings and lubricant
  • DIN connection with DIN dust cover
  • Optional cold water anti-freeze system (RG3000ICE)


  • All internal moving parts are Teflon coated for cold-water use
  • O-rings: oxygen compatible o-rings and lubricant
  • Internal second stage valve: unbalanced downstream
  • Standard 40-inch low-pressure hose, alternate size hoses sold separately
    • 3.1 lbs (1.4 kg)


    • Rated to 5000 psi in 1000 psi increments
    • Color coded scale
    • Fits standard 7/16-inch high pressure port of any first stage regulator
    • Chrome plated brass with a polycarbonate face resists corrosion and scratches

What is oxygen clean

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