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XT4 Open Water Regulator Package

Streamlined, efficient, high performance.

The XT4 Open Water Regulator Package is made up of Dive Rite’s top performing XT1 First Stage and a matched set of balanced XT4 Second Stages. The XT4 Second Stage brings an unparalleled ease of breathing to this open water regulator setup.

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Dive Rite’s cutting edge second stage regulator delivers unparalleled ease of breathing underwater. The XT4 Second Stage is Dive Rite’s most recently developed regulator, featuring updates and new features. Compared to previous iterations, the size of the regulator has been reduced and the exhaust tee has been trimmed and angled for a more streamlined package.
The first stage of choice for the XT4 Open Water Regulator Package is Dive Rite’s balanced, swivel turret design first stage: the XT1. The XT1 provides consistent gas flow regardless of depth and tank pressure. Available in yoke or DIN.

Tech Info

  • XT1 First Stage paired with XT4 Second Stages (2).
  • Primary XT4 Second Stage Regulator routed under the diver’s arm on a 40-inch flex hose with an angled adapter.
  • Backup XT4 Second Stage Regulator on a 28-inch flex hose with a necklace so it can be accessed quickly if necessary.
  • 2-inch Tech Brass SPG on a 30-inch flex hose is made to be attached to the waist or chest D-ring for easy viewing.
  • Comes with a carrying bag for transport to and from the dive site.
  • Available in yoke or DIN.
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