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Tervetuloa Sammakkomiehen verkkokauppaan

Undersuit for Drysuit 2 mm Unisex, aluspuku


The undersuit is an undersuit to wear underneath your scuba diving drysuit for more warmth. It is lightweight with a front vertical zipper, plus elastic feet and hand stirrups for a more convenient experience. It is composed of recycled polyester and recycled spandex...
Hinta: 126.00 €

Dive Rite ES170 Mask

The ES170 Mask has wide field of vision while maintaining a relatively low volume for its lens size. The tear drop design of the lenses provides an easy view of gauges or computers when looking down. The lens design also ideal for CCR divers viewing their heads up display. A rugged frame provides durability..
Hinta: 50.00 €

Cressi King, Free diving computer

• High contrast display • Easy access menu • 12/24 time format with calendar and seconds • Precision stopwatch • Timer (countdown) • Second time setting • Alarm clock • Backlit display • Tide indicator • Low battery indicator..
Hinta: 268.00 €

Open Water Diver DVD, Suomi, Ruotsi, Englanti

Peruskurssin koulutusvideo
PADI Open Water Diver -kurssin opetusvideo. Laitesukelluksen peruskurssin opetusvideo
Hinta: 5.00 €

Lenhandt&Wagner 100 B Honda 4hp

Paineilmakompressori, Bensiini
LW 100 B
The gasoline-powered LW 100 B is a particularly lightweight and reliable air compressor. It's a very low maintenance compressor and ideal for mobile use. Due to the seawater resistant stainless steel frame and the painted block it is very popular in seawater environments..
Hinta: 3 844.00 €

Nenäklipsi Cressi

Nenäklipsi vapaasukeltajille ja uimareille
The Cressi Nose Clip is a must have for swim lovers. It prevents water from entering your nose while swimming. With a lightweight, waterproof design, this nose clip provides a low-profile, comfortable fit. Perfect for all kinds of training and competition,..
Hinta: 7.00 €10.00 €

Complete Inflator for BCD. Tättölaite täydellinen

Complete inflator for jacket, By-Pass included
Hinta: 85.00 €

Phantom 17L Wing Donut

Ursuit Phantom 17l donitsimallinen wing, joka sopii sinkkupulloille.
Ursuit Phantom 17l wing sopii sinkkupulloille, max. 18l. Wing on donitsimallinen, joten se on kooltaan mahdollisimman pieni ja sopii sukelluksiin ahtaissakin paikoissa. Säiliön kiinnittämiseen ei tarvita erillistä adapteria, sillä..
Hinta: 345.00 €

Sukelluspullo 10L/232 bar

Terässäiliö, halkaisija 170 mm
Terässäiliö venttiilillä ja pohjasuojalla. Eurocylinder.

Huom! Toimitustavat: nouto tai postitus.
Kun teet tilausta, valitse toimitustavaksi: "Sukelluspullo Postipakettina" jos haluat että lähetämme sukelluspullon teille.
Rahtimaksu sukelluspulloissa on 25€/kpl..

Paino: 13 kg

Hinta: 260.00 €

Cressi Antifog Gel 30ml, huurteenestoaine

Huurteenestoaine (Gel) sukellusmaskeille.
Hinta: 7.00 €

PADI Divemaster manual, paketti

-Divemaster Slatet,
-Padi Pro Cordurakansio,
-Instructor Manual
-DM Videot
-Sticker,  Kortitukseen vaadittava hologrammitarra
Englannin kielinen
Hinta: 100.00 €200.00 €

Cressi Thor. Avokantaräpylä

Huom! Uutuusräpylä
Jäykkyys: Medium 
Brand new design for this extremely effective and yet very easy to use fin. The special arched profile of the fins combined with the two central ribs promote a significant flow convection effect, known as “spoon effect”, which stabilises and boosts propulsion..
Hinta: 75.00 €

Cressi Morea Man Märkäpuku 3mm

The Morea is a 3 mm neoprene one-piece without a hood, sporting long sleeves and pants, perfect for light SCUBA diving in warm waters, snorkeling, swimming, tropical seas and for any aquatic sport.
Assembled using flat sewing with anti-fraying thread.
The new pattern, modest and elegant at the same..
Hinta: 140.00 €184.00 €

iQ Logbook Blue Safari


incl. Infill & Pen, suitable for Padi / Ssi

The perfect compact logbook for travelling divers. Each dive is a unique experience and always fascinating. Keeping a record of those experiences is not only useful for your future “diving career”, and the next..
Hinta: 19.95 €

5 Port Turret Upgradekit, Apeks XTX 100/200

The Apeks 5-Port Turret Upgrade/Conversion Kit offers another position for hose routing for technical and recreational divers using the Apeks DST (XTX 20/50) First Stage regulator.
Apeks regulators always offered good options with hose routing and have recently stepped it up a notch with the release..
Hinta: 28.00 €

Dive Rite sormikkaat 5mm neopreeni

Erittäin mukava käsine pukea päälle. Valmistettu uudesta joustavammasta neopreenista.
Ergonomisesti muotoiltu käsine, jonka esitaivutetut sormet helpottavat käyttöä.
Karhean pinnan ansioista käsineet ovat pitävät ja niillä on helppo tarttua kiinni. Ranteessa kiristysremmi...
Hinta: 30.00 €

Classic Gold´s Logo Tshirt White2

T-paita koot. S-XL
Hinta: 20.00 €

Fourth Element 7 mm Coldwater Hood

7 mm neopreenihuppu
Our 3mm, 5mm and 7mm hoods have a simple minimalist design with a smooth Glideskin interior and are produced using stretch neoprene to ensure a comfortable fit. The short collar works for both dry and wet suits, and micro holes in hood vent air with minimal water ingress.
Hinta: 60.00 €70.00 €

Element Sup Lauta. Cressi

Hinta: 620.00 € - 650.00 €

Suukappale Comfobite

kirkas silikoni. Anti-bakteerinen
Sopii useimpiin regulaattorimalleihin.
Hinta: 10.00 €

Venice Beach, Gold´s T-Shirt Navy

Koot XL
Hinta: 25.00 €

1st Stage XTX DST DIN

Apeks DST Paineenalentaja Dry Sealed System with swivel turret (DST) 4 MP ports, 4 x 3/8 UNF 2 HP ports, 7/16 UNF The first stage - the powerhouse of your regulator - reduces the high pressure air stored in your cylinder to a controllable intermediate pressure of about 9 - 10 BAR. The air then flows..
Hinta: 400.00 €

Cressi DUKE, kokokasvomaski, snorklausmaski

Cressi Duke kokokasvomaski. Snorklaukseen ja pintauintiin
S-M junioreille(yli 12v)/naisille
M-L aikuisille /miehille

The Duke is a full-face mask (FFM) and it is designed to give the user the opportunity to breathe easily.
Obviously, it’s not the first of its type. In fact, we could say that Cressi’s..
Hinta: 58.00 €

Deluxe Harness, Hihnasto

Diverite Deluxe hihnasto  
A webbing harness designed for hard backplates that provides comfort and streamlining. Swivel points on the shoulder straps ensure a comfortable fit, which is especially important for women and, also, men with broad shoulders. A chest strap keeps the harness in place. Two-inch..
Hinta: 71.17 €

Pallonivel annostajan letkuun 90-180 astetta

Hyvässä kunnossa. Testattu
Hinta: 15.00 €

Säiliön kantokahva

Erittäin tukeva ja helppokäyttöinen sukelluspullon kantokahva.
Kuminen 20mm leveä rinkula keskellä kahvaa takaa hyvän otteen hankalassakin nostossa.

Kahvan tekniset tiedot:

Pituus: 115mm
Paksuus 30mm
Sopii kaikkiin DIN-liitännällä oleviin pulloventtiileihin. Kierre G5/8" -14TPI BSP
Estää sukelluspullojen..
Hinta: 20.00 €

Sukeltajan A lippu, virallinen

Virallinen A lippu / sukeltajanlippu, Helsingin Lipputehdas. 100*120 cm
Hinta: 70.00 €

Miflex Annostajan letku 75cm 3/8 Pinkki

Tuotteen kuvaus

Erikoistaipuisa ja kestävä reguletku 3/8 tuuman urosliittimellä. Sopii esim. Apeksin paineenalentajien pienempiin matalapaine ulosottoihin.
Hinta: 20.00 €