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Giotto Console 2 (painemittarilla)

Konsoli tietokoneella ja painemittarilla

Giotto Console 2 has been designed to fit the new Giotto Cressi Dive Computer in a modern console, which differs in form, size and weight of similar products on the market.
The different sizes of the two instruments, the computer minimanometro and Giotto, have led to a console designed truly innovative and original.
The instruments are arranged on slightly tilted, which further improves the design and allows for greater readability of the same.
The use of advanced materials such as polycarbonate and Desmopan, have reduced to a minimum thickness and weight and the console reveals a surprising lightness, which obviously translates into ease of use and minimum strain on the hose connection to the first HP the stadium.
The hose connection has a lower section of the standard (11 mm), to the advantage of its flexibility and lower weight.
(available for all systems Windows / Mac)

Console with two tools: Giotto Dive Computers and Mini-gauge
Material: Polycarbonate and desmopan
Mini-gauge with chrome-plated brass case with a glass valve function explosion
Dial with scale up to 350 bar or 5000 psi Areas colored in red, green, blue
Housing diameter: 65 mm Height tool: 25 mm Weight console complete with whip and 2 HP tools: 480 g

Hinta:399.00 €