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Apeks 5th port turret upgrade/conversion kit tarjoaa uusia mahdollisuuksia letkujen paikoille, jotka mahdollistavat uudenlaisen modifioinnin niin virkistys, kuin tekniikkasukeltajillekkin.

The Apeks 5-Port Turret Upgrade/Conversion Kit offers another position for hose routing for technical and recreational divers using the Apeks DST (XTX 20/50) First Stage regulator


Apeks regulators always offered good options with hose routing and have recently stepped it up a notch with the release of the Tech 3 specifically designed for double tank setups. Now they have taken it a step further. Many divers already have one reg setup for single cylinder diving and upon upgrading to twins realise that they need another first stage as opposed to two entire new sets of regs. Some divers will opt for a complete new setup as it allows easy changeability between singles and doubles, but for others they would prefer to just simply upgrade their existing setup.

With this in mind Apeks have announced a 5th Port Upgrade Kit for the DST type XTX50/XTX40 first stages that allows both twin and single tank divers to re-configure the hose routing for a more user friendly and streamlined rig.

The 5th port replaces the HP (high pressure) balance chamber on the 1st stage with a new one which re directs LP (low pressure) gas to a new LP port for a regulator, without compromising the overall performance of the 1st stage. The new LP port is located on the lower end of the reg making it easier to use an under arm hose routing for a second stage e.g. a 2 metre hose on a singles tank system. It also allows doubles configuration the chance to rout the backup regulator and BCD inflator neatly behind the neck.

The picture above shows a hose attached to the new port positioned at the turret end of the Dry Sealed Turret (DST) 1st stage.

Please Note: This Apeks 5th Port Conversion Kit (AP0274) is only suitable for the Apeks DST type, XTX50 and XTX40 first stage regulators.

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