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Cressi Free Frog, snorklaus, uppopallo, sukellus

Umpikantaräpylä Umpikantaräpylä kovempaan käyttöön. Uppopalloon, snorklaukseen ja laitesukelluskäyttöön suunnitellut räpylät, joissa jäykistimet.

The Free Frog is back! The fin has been remade with the new molding technology.

The foot pocket has been improved to fit better to most different foot shapes.
The Free Frog enjoys the exclusive characteristics of the Cressi diving fins maintaining the spirit of the legendary Frog. It features a below blade foot pocket in order to have a bigger surface that increasing the kicking thrust.

It is manufactured in a variant of low-modulus polypropylene that, combined with a particular structure, combines great flexibility, softness, and resistance to a demanding use (even as in rent and school in a diving center), durability and an unprecedented aesthetics in fins projected with this philosophy.

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