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Ocean Reef Space Extender

Oceanreef kokokasvonaamari. KYSY TARJOUSHINTA!!


The Space Extender, an upgrade to superior comfort,performance and versatility.

The exceptional vision of the Space Extender is created by the largest field of vision on the market, and by the breathing system that assures a fog free dive.

The breathing system and the broad mask surface helps you maintain a comfortable temperature for your lips and nose.

This is an exceptional advantage during long dives and in freezing water.

The Space Extender is ready to extend your scuba activities to whatever you want: not only can you communicate with your buddies during the dives, thanks to the MHA2 support and the new improved NACS, but it's also equipped to mount up to 3 sport cameras (or similar systems) and a lot of free surface area to drill and customize to your needs.

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