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Nomad XT Wing

Diverite Kelluke Nomad järjestelmä.  

For divers who already have a TransPac harness and wish to build a Nomad or for the Nomad diver who wants the new SuperFabric technology, the Nomad XT is what you're looking for. The Nomad XT wing has a super-tough exterior engineered using SuperFabric® brand technology for optimum resistance to punctures and abrasions, while remaining very flexible.

With 60lbs/27 kg of lift, the Nomad XT can be a single (BC4600) or dual bladder (BC4550-DUAL) wing. Its unique bladder design allows a single bladder Nomad XT to be altered to become a dual bladder wing at a later date, if desired.

The 15-mil urethane bladder is abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and resists the growth of microorganisms. Choice of 16-inch or 12-inch elbow corrugated hose along with 15-inch, 22-inch or 27-inch low-pressure inflation hose. Made in the U.S.A.

If building your own Nomad Sidemount Rig, you'll want to make sure you have a

buttplate, 2-inch crotch strap and bungees. Tank chokers make attaching sidemount tanks easier and if desired, please order the corresponding bungee length (see our Nomad XT Sidemount Rig Tech Specs for suggestions).

Please note: the Nomad XT Wing is designed for use with the TransPac as part of the Nomad Expedition Rig.

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