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Fourth Element HALO 3D LADY


Todella lämmin yksiosainen alusasu kuivapuvun alle. Herkimpiin vartalonosiin on kiinnitetty erityishuomiota ja niihin on lisätty ylimääräiset lämmittävät paneelit SPACETEK – materiaalista. Lisäksi selässä, munuaisten ja takapuolen kohdalla on fleeceä, mikä takaa lämmittävyyden kylmimmissäkin vesissä.

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KOKOTAULUKKO:  http://fourthelement.com/technical/halo3d/

Maximising thermal protection whilst minimising buoyancy, the HALO 3D has body mapped insulation, strategically placed to enhance protection when in horizontal trim. Designed for use underneath membrane and trilaminate suits, the HALO 3D is the perfect complement to our current range of drysuit thermal protection. In a layering combination with xerotherm, HALO 3D is suitable for the harshest diving conditions on the planet.

Halo 3D Testemonials

This is absolutely the best under suit I have ever tried. I went diving, first in 2°C 36°F Silfra in Iceland for 48 min cave dive then in the ocean for 54 min. I was still warm and by the time I got all the gear off I was sweating and drove home on my t-shirt and shorts with no heating on in the car. What a miracle under suit this is!

Anna Maria Einarsdottir, Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

Best underwear I have used. 5°C 41°F with nothing but halo and was incredibly warm. The chest and front insulation really was ingenious. Seriously, I think it is one of the better dive related products to come out in a while.

Evan Kovacs, Technical Diver and 3D filmmaker, Woods Hole Oceanograhic Institute.

The water was 7°C 45°F and everybody was freezing their butts off except me in my nice warm new halo. That undersuit is amazing....

JP Bresser GUE Instructor of the year 2010

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Kokotaulukko: http://fourthelement.com/technical/halo3d/