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Apeks on kehittänyt erityisen 1. asteen käytettäväksi tuplapullojen kanssa. Apeksin TEK3 on suunniteltu käytettäväksi tuplasettien kanssa.


Apeks has developed unique first stages specifically for use on a twin set. Each first stage has three medium pressure
ports and one high pressure port. They are hydrostatically over-balanced, cold water compatible and extremely robust.
The TEK3 1st stage is equally suitable for single cylinder or stage cylinder configurations, offering perfect snag-free
hose positioning.

Kit Contents
• Set includes two XTX50 second stages with double swivel hoses (the set can
be used with all XTX second stages)
• The TEK3 utilises all of the proven technology contained within the Apeks
range of first stage regulators
• Incorporates three medium pressure 3/8" UNF ports and one high pressure 7/16"
UNF port. The ports are arranged to give a neat streamlined hose configuration
• Allows maximum unrestricted accessibility to the cylinder valves when using
a twin cylinder set up
• Now includes Bungee Connector System

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