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LISÄILMA 0,5 , Varailmalaite

VARAILMALAITE  Tämän Euroopassa valmistetun laitteen tarkoituksena on antaa sukeltajalle tarvittava aika nousta pintaan varsinaisen ilmanlähteen ehdyttyä.


Tekniset tiedot

  • Vesitilavuus 0,5 L
  • Ilmamäärä 100 L
  • Halkaisija 68 mm
  • Pituus 350 mm
  • Paino 1,38 kg

Extrair  gives an emergency air supply that allows the diver to reach the surface in  emergencies. Let’s face it; many things can go wrong with gear underwater,  leaving the diver at high risk. Extrair is a last resort security measure that  can mean the difference in those emergencies. Extremely simple to use, you just  position it like a normal regulator and release the air from the second stage  using the control for breathing and exhale, without even opening any valves.


Brief Description     It works  like this: It is a half litre tank with a mini-regulator and integrated first  stage, demand valve with mouthpiece and automatic refilling valve. Breathing  happens just like with a normal regulator and can be facilitated with the purge valve. It is also easy to recharge by connecting  the automatic refilling valve to the included adapter and to an air supply. It  can be refilled in less than 60 seconds and the pressure can be controlled by  the gauge on the adapter.


Kit code  15230 includes the half litre tank with integrated regulator, refilling adapter  and an elastic support.

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