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Tervetuloa Sammakkomiehen verkkokauppaan

SL Star, Paineilmaharppuuna

SL Star
The sl star range of pneumatic spear guns has been in production for many years now, and they have won worldwide fame for their excellence in terms of robustness, reliability, precision and powerful shooting. The various models correspond to the equivalent models in the sl series, without power..
Hinta: 134.00 € - 144.00 €

Pro Star Fins. Cressi

Snorklaus, vapaasukellus, laitesukellus
Pro star is yet another versatile fin in the cressi line and is an exceptional choice for scuba, snorkeling and freediving. Inspired by the pro light, the pro star is a lightweight and comfortable full foot pocket style fin. For power transference..
Hinta: 48.00 €

Moon Kid Junior Cressi

Lasten joustava maski nenätaskulla
Mask Kid sizes, suitable for children aged 5 to 10 years. Perfect for swimming, snorkeling and enjoy the underwater nature. Shatterproof lenses with anti-scratch treatment. Perfect adaptability to a wide range of facial profiles. Micrometric indestructible buckles...
Hinta: 22.00 €

Turvapoiju puhallettava. 110cm

Turvallisuusväline. Safetysausage. Kädessä pidettävä. puhallettava.
Kätevä apuväline pinnalla veneilijöiden huomionherättämiseen, mikäli joutuu pintaantumaan esim. veneväylällä
Hinta: 25.00 €

Undersuit for Drysuit 2 mm Unisex, aluspuku


The undersuit is an undersuit to wear underneath your scuba diving drysuit for more warmth. It is lightweight with a front vertical zipper, plus elastic feet and hand stirrups for a more convenient experience. It is composed of recycled polyester and recycled spandex...
Hinta: 126.00 €

Sukelluspullo 10L 200bar

juuri katsastettu 10v leima
Hinta: 130.00 €


This short sleeved protective t-shirt is made from special, stretchy material. It offers excellent protection from the sun, wind and low temperatures either in the water or when dry.  Available in colours black
SPF 40
Version : Lady
Hinta: 33.00 €37.00 €

Drysuit Bottle Mounting Kit

Quickly add a streamlined drysuit inflation bottle to any rig.
Diving in a drysuit requires an inflation system. Adding air to a drysuit keeps it from crushing your body as you descend. Mounting an additional cylinder to your diving rig so that it’s accessible and in a streamlined position requires..
Hinta: 30.00 €

Cressi Diver Man 7mm, Märkäpuku kylmiin vesiin

Suosituin märkäpuku Suomessa sukeltamiseen.  Erittäin joustavaa materiaalia, Mukava ja helppo pukea päälle.
Lämmin yksiosainen puku, joka on riittävän lämmin koko avovesikaudelle
This is probably the most diffused one-piece suit among diving centers, because of its valued resistance, watertightness..
Hinta: 270.00 €286.00 €

Orust Hood - 5 mm, Neopreenihuppu Kylmiin vesiin

Hood 5 mm, with an oversized crew neck that allows a better water tightness for those who want to use it by inserting it under the neck of the wetsuit.
It is particularly suitable for one-piece wetsuits with a front zip.
Anatomical cut. 100% high-stretch material.
3 mm smooth skin with watertight..
Hinta: 48.00 €60.00 €

Apeks 2nd Stage XTX 40

Octo (ei sis. letkua)
The XTX40 regulator can be converted from a right handed hose configuration (as supplied from the APEKS factory in the standard) to a left handed one. This feature is known as the Reversible Venturi System (RVS). Changing the regulator to a left handed configuration is both quick..
Hinta: 120.00 € - 229.00 €

Räpylän soljet, Cressi

Räpylän solkipari. Sopii useimpiin Cressin ja muiden räpylöäiden kiinnitykseen
Hinta: 11.00 €

Wishbone Standard

Wisbone for threaded speargun band
Hinta: 8.00 €

Cressi MED X LADY WETSUIT SHORTY 2,5mm, Naisten Shorty

Cressin Med X Man Wetsuit Shorty on päivitetty versio Cressin  yksiosaisesta sukellus- ja vesiurheilumärkäpuvusta! Sopii erinomaisesti lämpimiin vesiin sukellukseen, snorklaukseen sekä kaikenlaiseen vesiurheiluun! Lyhyet hihat ja lahkeet, paksuus 2.5mm.

Soveltuu lämpimiin vesiin
Paksuus 2.5mm
Hinta: 94.00 €

Chokers for sidemount, pari

About Chokers for Neck Clip- by Dive Rite SKU: BC2720-CHOKER

The Dive Rite Choker for Neck Clip is an adjustable choker which clips into the bungee around your cylinder neck. The Dive Rite Choker can be loosened if you use your cylinder as a stage bottle...
Hinta: 9.00 €

Dive Rite Säiliöpanta, Cam Strap

Säiliöpanta sinkkusäiliölle  
Dive Rite cam straps are available in three different options. Our most popular is a standard 2-inch webbing with stainless steel buckle, which is the standard BCD cam strap. Next is our low-profile, 1.5-inch webbing with stainless steel buckle thta is popular for stage..
Hinta: 35.00 €

Cressi Marea Junior. Snorklausmaski 4-10 vuotiaille

The Marea Junior is a  2 Windowed Mask that is particularly suitable for scuba diving  and snorkeling. It has dual tempered glass lenses, a double feathered skirt edge that adapts to most faces and a small inner volume that is perfect when going deep underwater. The Marea Junior is made from 100% clear..
Hinta: 24.00 €

Nenäklipsi + korvatulpat Cressi

Nenäklipsi ja korvatulpat
The Silicone Ear Plugs and the Nose Clip prevents water from entering the nose and ears while swimming.  With a lightweight, waterproof design, the nose clip provides a low-profile, comfortable fit. Perfect for all kinds of training and competition, but also for recreational..
Hinta: 8.00 €12.90 €


Hinta: 35.00 €42.00 €

12L 200bar lyhyt possu, kahvalla

juuri katsastettu 10v Leima
Hinta: 155.00 €

XT4 Advanced Open Water Regulator Package

The streamlining of the Dive Rite Advanced Open Water Package and the unparalleled ease of breathing of the XT4 Second Stage Regulator come together for an unbeatable combination.
The XT4 Advanced Open Water Regulator Package is made up of Dive Rite’s high performance XT1 First Stage and a matched..
Hinta: 1 017.00 €

Hengari kuivapuvulle, Ursuit

Leveä erikoishengari suunniteltu kuivapukuja ja märkäpukuja varten.
Hinta: 20.00 €

URSUIT DESCEND BCD, tasapainotusliivi

In the Ursuit Descent jacket BCD made of durable materials, you will find everything you expect from a high-end jacket BCD. Well-padded sturdy backrest, integrated weight pockets, trim pockets, multiply D-rings for attachments, a universal knife holder for most knives, and three manual dump valves.


Hinta: 408.00 €489.00 €

Grip Knife, Liivipuukko

The Grip Spear is a small-sized knife with a tapered blade that makes it ideal for spearfishing.
The blade is made in stainless steel. It features a high precision dagger point tip. One side is an extra rigid serrated blade for sawing, the other side is a skillfully crafted straight blade. It features..
Hinta: 40.00 €

Cressi NAXOS, uimahousut uppopalloiluun ja uintiin

Swimsuit model man, perfect for the beach and pool. Made with a special material (Made in Italy)
Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL
Mittataulukko:  http://www.cressi.it/SizeChart/SCSwimWearMan.asp
Hinta: 15.00 €


Ursuit Heavy Light on pitkäaikainen suosikki useisiin eri käyttötarkoituksiin.
Erittäin kevyt mutta silti kestävä trilaminaatti-materiaali tarjoaa erinomaisen kokemuksen, olipa käyttäjä sitten aloitteleva sukeltaja tai kaiken kokenut ammattilainen. Hihojen ja kainalon uudistettu leikkaus mahdollistaa..
Hinta: 2 385.00 €

TUNA TROLLEY, Sukellusvarustekassi pyörillä 120L

The tuna bag has a rigid bottom, thanks to the structure that supports the rubber and anti-breakage wheels. It is designed to carry diving equipment more comfortably. The material is water-repellent, even if not watertight. All metal components are made of rustproof stainless steel. The capacity is 120..
Hinta: 170.00 €

Dacor Pacer Service kit, Enviro

Suits almost all Pacer models. Metal and Plastic regulators. Original Dacor Parts
Hinta: 12.00 €

Tuplapullot 2*12L/232 bar

Terässäiliöt pannoilla
Huom! Väri Valkoinen. Hartia-osassa mustavalkoinen sektoriväritys
Tuplasäiliöt, välisulkuventtiili + pannat + pultit

Huom! Toimitustavat: nouto tai postitus.
Kun teet tilausta, valitse toimitustavaksi: "Sukelluspullo Postipakettina" jos haluat että lähetämme sukelluspullon..

Paino: 30 kg

Hinta: 625.00 €