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Yleistyökalu kaikkiin regun osiin
Tämän työkalun avulla voit kiristää ja säätää regulaattorisi. Käy kaikkiin reguliittimiin ja sulkutulppiin.
Hinta: 25.00 €

Classic EXP Wing

Diverite Kelluke tuplapulloille

Classic Series
#BC4400, #BC5400

The Classic Series is an adjustable lift wing, sporting an optional Gusset Control System cord that can be used to further streamline the wing for wreck diving penetrations or smaller size doubles. The GCS is not a bungee wing because..
Hinta: 400.00 €460.00 €

Stainless Steel Backplate

Diverite Selkälevy Rosteri, tarjouksessa 126,14 € (154)  
Greg Flanagan first invented the metal backplate using aluminum in 1979 for North Florida cave divers. He realized that a back-mounted buoyancy system gives a diver natural balance in the water, due to the diver's center of gravity (tanks)..
Hinta: 125.00 €154.00 €

Deluxe Harness, Hihnasto

Diverite Deluxe hihnasto  
A webbing harness designed for hard backplates that provides comfort and streamlining. Swivel points on the shoulder straps ensure a comfortable fit, which is especially important for women and, also, men with broad shoulders. A chest strap keeps the harness in place. Two-inch..
Hinta: 71.17 €

Apeks DS4 1ST Sage

Hinta: 225.00 €


Safer Swimmer kelluke huolehtii turvallisuudestasi avovesiuinnin aikana sekä kuljettaa pienen määrän tavaraa mukanasi.

If you need something tougher, the heavy-duty swimming safety device (aka TPU version) is for you. It will withstand much rougher usage and water conditions, so it performs well in..
Hinta: 39.00 €43.00 €

iQ Logbook, Pink


incl. Infill & Pen, suitable for Padi / Ssi

The perfect compact logbook for travelling divers. Each dive is a unique experience and always fascinating. Keeping a record of those experiences is not only useful for your future “diving career”, and the next..
Hinta: 22.00 €29.95 €

Classic Golds Gym Stringer Tank Top, Gray

Hihaton treenipaita The ultimate Classic Tank Top. It is a MUST HAVE for all Golds Gym Fans . Be a part of something bigger ! Be a part of the Golds Gang. - Stringer Tank Top - Gray - Golds Gym Logoprint on the chest - Big neckline - 100% Cotton
-Made in USA..
Hinta: 20.00 €25.00 €

Wenoka Squeeze Lock, Liivipuukko

Sukeltajan puukko, Pienikokoinen
Helppo kiinnittää liiviin
Hinta: 45.00 €

Snorkel keeper, Snorkkelinpidin

Cressi Snorkel keeper made of hight quality materials.
- Sopii kaikkiin snorkkeleihin
Hinta: 3.00 €

Rescue Diver DVD

Kurssin koulutusvideo
Rescue Diver -kurssin opetusvideo.
Hinta: 20.00 €

URSUIT DESCEND BCD, tasapainotusliivi

In the Ursuit Descent jacket BCD made of durable materials, you will find everything you expect from a high-end jacket BCD. Well-padded sturdy backrest, integrated weight pockets, trim pockets, multiply D-rings for attachments, a universal knife holder for most knives, and three manual dump valves.


Hinta: 389.00 €489.00 €

Paristonvaihtosarja Vytek / Vyper / Zoop / Helo2 / Gekko / Cobra

Sisältää: Paristo, paristosilta ja o-rengas
Hinta: 17.00 €

Apeks DS4, XTX40, Nitrox. M26

Toimiva ja varma nitrox regulaattori.
Paineenalentajassa viisi ulostuloa: - 4 kpl matalapaine 3/8 UNF - 1 kpl korkeapaine 7/16 UNF

The 2nd stage has a larger purge button which is easier for diver use and also offers a dual flow rate purge for different operations. We have also redesigned..
Hinta: 495.00 €


The RK3 HD is the next fin in the RK3 range of fins. The RK3 HD is made from a higher density material than the standard RK3, which makes the fin stiffer and heavier. The RK3 HD was developed in response to feedback from divers who prefer a heavier fin. The new compound of the RK3 HD adds weight to make..
Hinta: 140.00 €160.00 €


Silikonimaski. Karkaistu lasi
Hinta: 45.00 €

Cressi Borg, sukelluspuukko

Borg is a modern knife with a state-of-the-art design and medium dimensions, with a durable tempered AISI 420 steel blade. The handle has an anatomical shape and is composed of “soft grip” material for a secure grip. It is separated from the blade by an integrated polymer guard. The handle..
Hinta: 60.00 €

Apeks Stage 3 XTX 50 DIN + XTX 40 Octo

Apeks Regulaattorisetti Pohjoismaiden ostetuin regulaattori. Soveltuu talvikäyttöön Suomessa. APEKS DST 1-vaihe, XTX 50 regulaattori + Octo XTX 40 Regulaattorin letkun tulosuunta vaihdettavissa Ilmanpoisto "viikset" vaihdettavissa lyhyiksi tai pitkiksi.
!!  Molemmat letkut sisältyvät pakettiin.
Hinta: 560.00 €739.00 €

Uppopalloilijan laadukas paketti(maski, räpylät ja snorkkeli)

Paketti sisältää korkealaatuiset välineet uppopalloiluun:
-Cressi Superocchio maski
-Beuchat kumisnorkkeli
-Aqua Lung Stratos mustat umpikantaräpylät, tai vaihtoehtoisesti Stratos 3 siniset räpylät
Räpylöissä kokoja:  38/39, 40/41, 42/43, 44/45, 46/47, 
kirjoita kokonumero tilauksen lisätiedot-kohtaan..
Hinta: 100.00 € - 115.00 €

1st Stage TEK3 Left

Apeks TEK3 Paineenalentaja Apeks has developed unique 1st stages specifically for use on a twinset. We have now launched the new TEK3 1st stage regulators designed for use with twin cylinder configuration. The system benefits from streamlined hoses with little chance of accidental snagging and also improved..
Hinta: 369.00 €

Basic Harness, Hihnasto

Diverite Perushihnasto  
For those who prefer a streamlined rig without buckles, chest strap or padding, the Basic Harness is a clean, simple harness intended for use with hard metal backplates. Two-inch (50mm) nylon webbing provides strength, yet is soft and won't dig into the body. Harness is adjustable..
Hinta: 50.00 €61.00 €

Cressi Focus, optinen maski miinuslinsseillä

Sukellusmaski optiikalla
Sukellusmaski jossa optiset miinuslinssit. Vahvuuksia saatavissa 0,5 diopterin välein -8:een asti. Linssit asennetaan valmiiksi myymälässämme.
-Kirjoita haluamasi väri tilauksen lisätietoihin
If you are looking for a mask that has been in a product line for years and has proven..
Hinta: 95.00 €

Cressi Comanche Rail Harppuuna

Toimitusaika noin 2-3 viikkoa

Comanche was the world champion spear gun in 1988, 1992 and 2004, and still today it is fantastic, reliable and very precise. A favorite among sport fishermen who demand impeccable performance, zero problems and a minimum level of sophistication from their spear guns..
Hinta: 120.00 € - 160.00 €

Sukelluslamppu Ferei SHINE, 13 000 Lumen

Ferei Shine on vedenalaiseen valokuvaukseen suunniteltu huippuluokan sukellusvalaisin. Akkukäyttöinen Ferei Shine tarjoaa runsaasti jatkuvaa valoa pienellä virrankulutuksella, mikä mahdollistaa pitkän paloajan. Erittäin leveä 120° valokeila valaisee ympäristön kauttaaltaan tarjoten runsaasti tasaista..
Hinta: 599.00 €639.00 €

Predator, sukelluspuukko

Small knife, very handy and anatomical. Its dimensions make it particularly suitable to be stored as a spare knife, or for divers who like to gear up in a practical and effective way.

Black coating blade treatment
Length blade cm 8.6 - inch 3.39
Total length cm 18 - inch 7.09
Weight knife only..
Hinta: 45.00 €

901 Series Drysuit

Lightweight and durable, the 901 Series Drysuit is designed to offer maximum flexibility while maintaining superior waterproofness. The 901 is made from Parmasoft Active™ trilaminate material consisting of a 100% butyl rubber core sandwiched between two layers of 100% polyester. With a material..
Hinta: 2 207.20 €

Dive Rite XT Regulator Stage3 set

Tekniikkasukeltajien suosima regulaattorisetti. kaikkein kylmimpiin olosuhteisiin testattu
Sisältää: Painennalentaja ja 2 annostajaa.
The XT Regulator welcomes a new generation of regulator performance at Dive Rite. An elite performer, the XT's advanced, patented design earns top marks from Mike Ward..
Hinta: 400.00 €490.00 €

UV-Sukelluslamppu Ferei TINT, kuvauksiin

Järisyttävän tehokas, ladattava UV-sukelluslamppu! Sopii erityisen hyvin vedenalaiseen valokuvaukseen. Sis. kaiken tarvittavan!
Ferei TINT on erityisesti ammattikäyttöön valmistettu, laadukas 455 nm UV-sukelluslamppu, joka on varustettu kymmennellä 3W ultraviolettiledillä. Valaisin toimii erityisen..
Hinta: 139.00 €

Cressi Action Mask. Action kameran kiinnitys

Mask based on FOCUS http://( https://cressi.com/Catalogue/Details.asp?id=20) model that incorporates an adaptor on the frame for easy assembly of Action Cam cameras.
The frame has been reinforced in thickness in the assembly area of the camera and includes by default the screw with fixing knob and camera..
Hinta: 60.00 €